Three months ago the band Mismatch created the plylist 'Portugueses Rock Rising' with songs from Portuguese rock bands on the rise in the Lusitanian scene. The playlist has gained more and more space in the undergroud environment and today has the presence of several bands from all over Portugal such as Mismatch, Zebra Libra, Needle, What Lies Ahead, Gaijas, Ledher Blue, Anarchicks, Theo, Campfire, Sam Alone & The Gravediggers, Phase Transition, Askbayns, Vimara, No Time To Waste and others. <br> <br> You can access the playlist right now by clicking this link <a href="https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1ejfLIPC9qVC6T6FjgomZ4?si=397ce9dd794e4d79" target="_blank">Here</a>. Do as many people do and follow the playlist, so you are always on top of the rising bands in Portugal. The playlist is updated every month and if you happen to know a band or have a band, you can suggest that they will join the playlist. <br> <br> Stay tuned for news!